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Mark your calendars! The 2016 @flowgrindcontest  contest is here! This is our 3rd year sponsoring the event with a larger price bucket every year, so don't miss out. Here is the event schedule:
Thursday, May 12:
Skatepark Session 11am – 7pm
Club Open House: 10pm – 3am 
Friday, May 13:
Practice 11am – 11pm
Club Art Show & Miniramp Session 9pm – 3am 
Saturday, May 14:
Women Street Qualifications 2pm
Men 16 And Under Street Qualifications 4pm
Men Sponsored 16 And Up Street Qualifications 6pm
DJ/Concert 10pm – 12am
After Party at Club 12am – 3am 
Sunday, May 15:
Men 16 And Under Finals 2pm
Women Street Finals 4pm
Men Sponsored 16 And Up Finals 6pm
Best Trick 8pm
Results 9pm 
Mystery Boxes now available at unifiedstore.com
Sugar Skate Co. is proud to welcome @zandergabriel to the squad. Originally from Ojai, Zander has been hustling spots of LA for the last couple of years. Here's sketchy fs Smith Grind, this one is for the Veterans. Lookout for his new part dropping soon.
📷 @justincrawfordphoto
@meetatsheldon 😈
📷 @zandergabriel
Team rider @markojazbinsek doing a bs Nosegrind off a table in the San Fernando Valley.
Slushie 🔥